Meet the ICC Hall of Famers: Bishan Bedi | 'Languid, poetic spin bowler’


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    Bishan bedi is the father of Angad bedi who played the role of Arvind vashisht in web series Inside Edge❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Mohmad azhruddin ko q nahi diye

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    I'm waiting for Roger Binny,my favorite Indian name.

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    Superb spinner

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    I keep thinking that the title says “the hall of farmers!”

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    Thank you for giving this award to an indian

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    Singh is king

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    Thanks for 1k ❤️❤️ Ab 1.5k karba do 😘😘 Love U all friends 🥰🙏

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    Waiting for WTC final Kane vs Kohli 🤜🤛💥💥💥

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    Appeal to all the youngsters of today: Please follow this channel and fall in love with cricket forever.

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    Hi comment bot

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    Where is sachin Tendulkar's video

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    By winning the 83 WC, that Indian team defined the childhoods of millions of kids Respect to all of them

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    But still abdul qadir was the best spinner

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    I Love Cricket!

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    Yes he was amazing

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    The greatest Indian spinner of the last century.

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    How. is this ..!?

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    So nice moment 😉😉😉😉

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    If d likes of Bishan Singh Bedi can be inducted in ICC hall of famers, Then B.S. Chandrasekhar surely should get a goooo..., He too deserves to be inducted in..!!

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    @Mohammad Faisal Let's be honest guys and not be emotional. Bishan Singh Bedi was a good spinner but there was nothing special about him. He doesn't deserve to be in the ICC Hall of Fame especially with an ordinary strike rate of 80 balls per wicket in Test cricket. He played a lot of county cricket and I guess his performances there might have earned him a place in the Hall of Fame. Had he been born in this era he would have been tonked for sixes and boundaries all over the park.

  • Mohammad Faisal

    Mohammad Faisal

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    Foreigner greats of that time rates Bedi in highest regard, more than Chandrasekhar as Bedi is more a classical one whereas Chandrasekhar was more of unusual or unique one, much quicker just like Kumble, but he was definitely second best spinner of that quartet

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    One of the best Indian spinner

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    Super very nice video bhoot khoob new friend

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    Kindly edit the name. It's Bishan Singh Bedi. Not just Bishan. Thank you.

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    Man With Spine 😍 Against The Autocorrect BCCI 🤬🤬🤬

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    Congrats to Everyone Who is Early and who found this comment💓

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    Hello bro I'm india

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    Who will be champion i World Test Championship 🤔 1. India 2. New Zealand

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    😎Mark my words It will be a thrilling draw🐯🐅🇧🇩

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    New Zealand

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    don't upload video superfast otherwise I have to stop my notification option 😡😡 read me to sleep

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    Then change your notification settings. This is for true cricket fans

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    Yo icc is rocking these days

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    @technoblade is cool yo

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    ICC means indian cricket council hahaha

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    Well deserved

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